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SLIM-GYM is a simple yet comprehensive information management system integrating Branding & Utility for premium gyms & health clubs. The product ensures enriched engagement with customers not only within the premises but outside as well.

For Gym

How does SLIM-GYM help?

Front Desk
  • Pre-sales management including enquiry tracking
  • Management of members including tracking of membership expiry
  • Management of Calendar
  • Integration of biometric/access control
  • Sending messages

Slim Sale

  • Creation and Updation of Exercises
  • Preparation of Exercise card and Diet plans including automated reminders
  • Management of Personal Trainers and PT members
  • Tracking of measurements and Goals
  • Feedback from members

Gym Management
  • Innovative and differentiated branding
  • 24x7 anytime anywhere web-access
  • Eliminate paper
  • Capture leads & Register guests electronically
  • Track attendance – Classes / Staff / Members
  • Robust feedback system
  • Automated reports

Slim Manager

  • Enhance In-Gym experience (Kiosk and Mobile App for Members)
  • Progress tracking & Goal achievement through continuous engagement
  • Complete archive of past information
  • Interactive learning of new exercises
  • Provide guidance, monitoring and feedback

Gym Kiosk Trainer

  • My Exercise Card
    • My exercise for today
    • Exercise illustrator
    • Daily/weekly/monthly view
    • My Class Schedules (Group/Speciality)
  • My Fitness Goals
  • Message Board
  • Feedback
  • My Personal Training Members list (Select from Images of members in a grid)
    • Exercises for today
  • Member’s Progress Report
  • Attendance Register of member (Can be validated through Biometric/RFID)
    • Daily/weekly/monthly view
    • Class Pending Status
  • Message Board

Mobile App for Members

Non - Members
  • Gym Locator
    • Class Schedules
    • Gym Description
    • Show on Map
    • Call
  • Enable Profile (on joining gym)
  • Gym Locator
  • Profile & Subscriptions
    • Membership Validity
    • Type of membership
    • Additional packages/ subscriptions
    • Fitness Goals
  • Fitness Goals & Monitor
    • Goals
    • Measurements
    • Tracker
  • My Training Card
    • My Diet
    • My exercise for today
    • Exercise illustrator
    • Daily/weekly/monthly view
  • Feedback

Fitness Goals & Monitor

Fitness Goals & Monitor

SLIM-FIT - My Training

SLIM-FIT - My Training


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I got my branded version of One-on-One app. Now most of my patients have downloaded it and I am able to remind them about appointments, fitness regimes etc easily!

Badrinath Rao -Activity Heals, Bangalore