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Create your own "Mock Test" with this completely customisable testing platform.

Designed for institutes, universities, schools, training centres, it gives teachers and other testing establishments the ability to create customised testing for their students.

Create your own modules and answers, determine the time allotted for completion, manage your students and graphically tabulate your results.

Whether just a single student, or an entire institute, Mock Test user management allows you to create groups of classes, students, administrators and testing candidates to undergo your newly created tests.

You can create tests with a mix of different content such as text, images, and video content providing an array of questions in either multiple choices, Q&A, or questions based on video content or images. Our logic randomly presents different questions each time the test is undertaken, so no test is replicated.

Mock Test allows you to create and generate your own tests, and allocate access to these
tests based on the user privileges granted. On completion of the test ,the results can be viewed, graphed and reported.

Mock test is very flexible and has all the management tools for creating your own testing environments.

The best thing about Mock Test is it can run not only on a web browser, but also on your i0S/Android Tablet or mobile phone allowing students to take their test anywhere. Whether on the move or stationed at any location, access to the mock test platform is available for all providing a flexible,easy to use test.

Download and register for our lite version to see how Mock Test can be used in your own testing environment.

Should you like our lite version please, contact us to enquire about our subscription services and how we can provide a full version for you.

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