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Time, energy and money are spent by Parents to choose a Good School and to provide quality education to their children.

The most important thing to a Parent is the well being and overall development of their children. To aid this, the parent expects the School to keep them regularly posted on the happenings in their Childs life.

Unfortunately, these days, everyone is busy - The School, The Parent and the Child.

Traditional communication methodologies, like Diary & Paper Circulars and more recently, SMS & Email fall a bit too short as efficient communication tools.
  • The probability of the Child effectively copying the information in the diary or losing the circular has proved this method as hardly dependable.
  • A typical parent gets about 100 emails a day and 70% of it is junk email. Studies have shown that if a parent does not act on an email within the first 24 hours, the probability of reviewing the email at a later date is almost negligible.
  • Important SMSs’ are lost in the plethora of messages on the mobile phone with minimum prioritization possible on key information.
LINK, our School-Parent engagement product addresses the above shortcomings.

LINK provides a one-stop-shop for the parent to understand and review information regarding his child and take necessary action at the appropriate time. Thereby, giving the School and Parents a consistent and consolidated information channel.

LINK ensures that parents are kept abreast of all information related to the child, even before they leave from work, so they know exactly how to spend time with the child in terms of schoolwork. Resulting in accurate and on-time information about the Childs “to-do” list and not wasting time on follow up with other Parents or the school.

LINK provides a built-in calendar with auto-reminders to ensure that parents not only know important school dates like due-dates of assignments, PTA meeting dates, project submissions, fee payment date or any other date but also remind them at appropriate times making it easy both for the School and the Parent. Saving of a lot of time and effort.

LINK provides an RSVP functionality to enable parents to communicate/confirm to the schools at the touch of a button. With a limited 2-way communication, we ensure that the School is not flooded with messages from Parents but only when the School seeks concurrence.

Most importantly LINK provides a 24x7, anytime anywhere, multiple users, secure communication to help you to send information at the click of a button. It is Mobile Number or email ID agnostic - ensuring connectivity wherever whenever.

To sum up:

The Mobile App, LINK, is available for all devices, as a focused School-Only platform that not only organizes the messages from the School related to Homework, Events, To-Do’s and Circulars, but also provides built-in calendar updation, notifications and reminders to ensure visibility and cognizance of the message.

Some of the other features we include on the App are

1. Detailed Time Table
2. Grades
3. Support for Attachments
4. Integrating Transportation
5. RSVP to solicit response from Parents

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Our new app is loved by all customers. Using this app, we are able to remind them about account renewals, task list, events etc. We are also using this app for sending documents.

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