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Link Benefits

For Schools
Not all businesses need elaborate mobile apps
Reminder System: 
LINK supports a simple alert system that reminds parents about fees due, holidays, sports/cultural meets, excursions/picnic trips and other activities.
Supervisory System: 
LINK can easily adopt an existing coordinator or supervisory system to monitor all messages sent from a set of teachers. Messages can be appropriately edited or rejected completely.
Low maintenance
24/7 Access: 
LINK is a web-based application. The administrator can access it anytime from anywhere. For example, an unforeseen holiday message can be sent right from the living room of the administrator on a wet rainy day.
Privacy & Security: 
LINK stores all recorded data on secure cloud servers. Each of these servers comes with a bullet-proof 128-bit SSL En-cryption enabling high security of your data. LINK, as a policy, does not collect any information about any student. Refer our Privacy Policy to know more about it.
Quick turnaround time
Cost Saver: 
LINK works as an efficient cost saver by minimizing expenses on phone calls, printing, photocopying, efficiency of administrative staff and reduced paper usage.
LINK significantly reduces dependency on paper work and manual interference and provides a robust system of IT enablement.

For Teachers
Simple Interface: 
Sending a message through LINK is a breeze ¬¬-- chooses recipient or recipients, enter message and send intuitive. Easy-to-use menus and drop-down dialogue boxes further make the interface very simple and adaptable. LINK is definitely a refreshing change from conventional systems that are bogged down by laborious typing and other errors.
Targeted Messaging: 
A teacher can choose to send messages to parents/guardians of one child, a group of children or the entire class. With LINK, chances of oversight and errors are minimized as you are allowed to message recipients from your allotted classes/sections only.
The messages sent can be assigned due dates to remind parents about the forthcoming events or to-dos. These reminders will be set in the calendar of the parents’ or guardians’ mobile App.
Varied Message Types: 
LINK provides multiple message type to suit your various communication needs. It could range from a general circular, to a homework instruction, to an event or even a to-do-list.

For Parents
Multi-School & Multi-Child options: 
LINK supports multi-school and multi-child options. More than one child in a particular school or multiple children across different schools can be registered on LINK.
Calendar Sync: 
Your Application will show you a yearly calendar of all events and reminders sent from the school, which are periodically auto-synced with the school calendar. These reminders can be further synced to your phone calendar.
Timetable & Grades: 
With LINK you can view the weekly timetable of your child’s classes. This again is auto-synced with the school periodically. Grades or marks obtained in various tests or exams or assignments by your child every month can also be synced and displayed. An export feature helps you to take printouts of the timetable and grades thereby helping you to schedule your child are learning at home and keep track of his or her development.
Familiar Interface: 
LINK is a native App developed on the latest Android and Apple OS platforms. All familiarities and functioning have been carefully maintained to provide you with the same interface and experience that you are most used to and familiar with.
A user can send general or customized messages to one or more parents or guardians. There are options for various message types to fill relevant notifications like general circular, homework, event and to-do list.
To-Do List: 
This is the to-do list prepared by the teacher or admin for a student. It is displayed in a simple and concise format facilitating parents to plan their time conveniently.
The calendar in the App contains all the important dates marked by the school. Parents can sort the calendar to show events for each child or for all children combined.
The calendar displays events in month view. All dates marked with an event are highlighted. Parents or guardians receive alerts on every calendar event. In addition, the receiver can sync all the events to his or her phone calendar.


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Our new app is loved by all customers. Using this app, we are able to remind them about account renewals, task list, events etc. We are also using this app for sending documents.

CEO - MediaJenie, Blore