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New technology has made it incredibly convenient to be in touch with your target market. This lets people become a part of your events in real time no matter where they are.

But at the same time, people are also reacting to an increasingly technological, impersonal world by wanting to have more authentic, in-person experiences without the intermediation of technology.

The answer is to cater to both groups. Don’t use technology to screen yourself off from customers and pursue online-only contact. Offer the personal touch where possible to keep the human element intact.

We, at Elevenity, are focused on making technology simple. We provide simple, direct solutions to ensure that we bring you closer to your people.

We exploit technology to ensure that you, as an organization, have a solution that is powerful yet simple to use. Effectively providing the “connect” with your customers. We take a pure process approach to ensure that our solutions fit into “your way” of doing business.

To this, we provide a customer engagement platform for anywhere, anytime, one-touch access to information, for not only the business, but also the customers, vendors & stake-holders.

Simply put, Elevenity is the coming together of a bunch of professionals from various fields of technology, sales, marketing and banking to bring the various stakeholders in an organization closer through bespoke solutions.

We are customers first. This means that we know the problems all of us have in either trying to obtain information or disseminating information to others.

Most of our solutions, which are Mobile Apps, have come out of real life problems:
  • pain of a parent in trying to understand information from his/her child’s school and homework
  • pain of a small business owner trying to use technology to attract and retain customers, rather than trying for transactional profits
  • pain of a gym member in getting adequate support from the gym to achieve his goals
  • pain of a customer in buying and maintaining his/her car
  • Filling the need of a Sales Organization in having real-time information from the field through a handheld mini CRM.
The core to our belief lies in the simplicity and design of our solutions which are personal, effective and user-friendly.


Gautam Mayur GAUTAM MAYUR (Founder & Business Head)

Gautam Mayur is the founder of Elevenity. He has spent 5 formative years of his career in the IT industry in the US, having worked for Goldman Sachs, Kraft Foods, Nabisco Foods and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Post his MBA from the Indian School of Business (Hyd), Gautam worked with Wipro and L&T, handling various roles in Innovation, Strategy and Business Planning. His colleagues remember him as
a maverick, unaccepting of norm and trying to forge new ways of thinking.

He is interested in anything to do with technology for making life easier.

Gautam is also the webmaster of entirely3d.com , a portal dedicated to propagating 3D printing industry in India.

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Our Philosophy

We are customers first. Which means that we know the problems all of us have in either trying to obtain information or disseminating information to others? We do not create Mobile Apps just based on a simple need. We try to incorporate innovative features in the App, which will also solve unstated needs. We try to help our client do better by advising on what the App should and shouldn't do. So in the traditional sense, we are not a "Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full sir" service provider. And we definitely do not take up projects, which do not personally interest us.

We do not create a Mobile App just for the sake of being cool. We believe that a Mobile App should be used when you are on the move. If there is some information that can wait for when you are at home or office, please feel free to use a website. Mobile Apps are for Mobility or should aid mobility, period.

We believe in great design and simplicity and we try to emulate this in whatever we do. It could be in developing an App, interacting with our clients and vendors and even in the sort of communication we employ. We emulate the following themes in our Mobile Apps

- Keep it simple, stupid
- Great Design
- Attention Span
- Mobility

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I got my branded version of One-on-One app. Now most of my patients have downloaded it and I am able to remind them about appointments, fitness regimes etc easily!

Badrinath Rao - Activity Heals, Bangalore